• High-performance body moisturiser, full collection , 120ml & 200ml, 1


BOWË /bow (bəʊ)/

About BowË

"...I'm blown away at how gorgeous it is. It comes out of the jar like whipped meringue and then melts into the most incredible oil on the skin."

E.W. on the High Performance Body Moisturiser

"Gorgeous mousse texture that melts in and smells divine. I keep stroking my legs, they feel lovely and soft...I love it!"

R.D. on the High Performance Body Moisturiser


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Sourced in Nature, Backed by Science

We believe in the science behind every key ingredient in our products and won’t compromise our formulations for the sake of an elaborate product name or trendy ingredient. That’s why we use powerful natural ingredients and high-performing formulations to address skin issues that are unique to you.

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