About Us


/bow (bəʊ)

The skincare brand that empowers your skin 

"My daily routine always starts with Bowë"


Bowë was born with a single intention: to bring exceptional skincare products into the hands of women of colour. We take inspiration from the best of our West African heritage to develop skincare products that nourish and protect your skin and help build rituals of wellness that start and end with you.

Sourced in nature, backed by science

We believe in the science behind every key ingredient in our products and won’t compromise our formulations for the sake of an elaborate product name or trendy ingredient. That’s why we use powerful natural ingredients and high-performing formulations to address skin issues that are unique to you.

The three pillars of Bowë

Our collection of honest, handcrafted formulations are created based on three core principles:

Quality and Integrity

We stand true in the quality of our products. We only use high-quality, natural ingredients combined with scientific formulations that benefit your skin while ensuring every microelement of each product is perfect!

The Wellbeing of Our Customers

Wellness is not a fad that’s in one season and out the next. Self-care is the cornerstone of improving your wellbeing and everyday health. That’s why we develop products that inspire and enhance simple daily routines to invoke everyday empowerment so you can be you at your best.


We don’t see body butters or oils as product trends. We take pride in our Ghanaian heritage by ensuring that our raw butters and oils are of the highest quality and responsibly sourced so you get only the best ingredients in every product you buy from us.